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transstruktura visual identity

Transstruktura is a group of young architects with the goal to link innovative concepts with a realistic and pragmatic implementation. Since their studies at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, the group is striving to realize a common  form language that is focused on the joy of experimentation.

At the border between architecture, urbanism and new media, transstruktura is based on a design approach that is extensive as well as highly interdisciplinary.

transstruktura website

Transstruktura website. Realized with WordPress.

Beck Akademie Website Design-Update

Beck Akademie Website Design-Update

From first sketch to finished design


Design-update of the existing pages for courses and products. Conceptional improvements and contemporary interface design.

Key steps:
Status-quo analysis, first draft (hand made sketches), presentation of the core ideas and drafts, screendesign, execution together with the development (agile process)

A hand made sketch is the best solution to early connect to the client in order to explain the main idea and approach. Sketches do not focus on details and can therefore outline a concept that everyone can relate to.

pen & paper, InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint

Beck Akademie Website Design-Update

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