App Design Guidelines

App Design Guidelines

A designer working in the field of corporate communications often has to deal with governance tasks.

The best way to reduce the amount of time spent on ‹design advice‹ is to produce lean, easy to use guidelines and templates.

The Siemens App Design Guidelines are are made to ensure that the corporate identity is implemented correctly and that the style and tonality of the brand can be identified on any device.

One of the main challenges for these guidelines was to create a clear understanding that a design for an iOS app cannot be used for Android devices. Developers and managers often tried to save time by just coping iOS applications for Android or vice versa.

The resulting guidelines with more that 50 pages helped to improve the quality and consistency of the applications.They are constantly improved and updated. A digital version of these guidelines is the next logical step.


Mobile App Adaption

App adaption

Adaption of the Siemens App for iOS to Android
Siemens 2012

The predecessor was one of the first company apps for smartphones and was designed for Apple iOS. Many interface elements had to be completely redesigned to match the style and navigation principles of Android devices.

It is never an option to just copy an application to another device and operating system. Even minor differences to the native system are recognized by the user and make the app look unprofessional.