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Transstruktura is a group of young architects with the goal to link innovative concepts with a realistic and pragmatic implementation. Since their studies at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, the group is striving to realize a common  form language that is focused on the joy of experimentation.

At the border between architecture, urbanism and new media, transstruktura is based on a design approach that is extensive as well as highly interdisciplinary.

transstruktura website

Transstruktura website. Realized with WordPress.

Active Neighbourhoods


XL Poster for an architecture competition
Idea and visualization of a public urban intervention for  the Centre of Contemporary Architecture, Moscow. Project in cooperation with Architect Nataliya Sukhova under the name trans-structura-express. This project sketches how social media and networking could trigger the transformation of typical urban environments.

Among the 10 wining projects awarded with an exhibition in the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow. 2011.

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Move Out

Motion graphics for an architectural vision.
What if the walls of the concrete tenements would move and create new space for the inhabitants. Project in collaboration with with architect Nataliya Sukhova. Concept and execution. Realised with Adobe AfterEffects.

Screened at the first ›Architectural Biennale Moscow‹ 2008.